Update: Checking In With The Love Interests

Hi everyone!

I must thank you for your continued patience and hope you all are staying safe, as always. I'd like to share our next update with stills from each major love interest's route. You will see new backgrounds in some of them and you may also notice that we're experimenting with alternate fonts and GUI for a more immersive fantasy/medieval feel. 

We continue to make steady progress on the game though are taking a bit of extra time in order to round out the side romances. They are short but we hope you will enjoy them nonetheless : ) 

If all goes well, we hope to release the game by the end of this year. Thank you for bearing with us all this while and we'll continue to keep you guys posted!

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Nice! The UI box looks good!

I recommend allowing the user to switch between fonts. Often times VN devs provide players with the "dyslexie" font choice.

Thanks! I'll try looking into that.

the romances are short??


Hello! Only the side romances (female side characters) are short as they were added later. It doesn't apply to Thrace, Kadan, Iandir, Roxas and Aiden : )


ooooh ok good