Reveal 2: Supporting Characters

Hello followers,

We've been hard at work these past few months and are happy to have another update to share with you. We have visuals for more supporting characters ready - have a look! This time around, we're keeping their identities a mystery. What type of characters do you think they are and what role do you think they'll play in the game?

To give an update of things, we still have a number of backgrounds left and are also looking to compose more music. CG and character art are completed for the most part.

Supporting Character 1 - Looking spiffy!

Supporting Character 2 - Rockin' the 'stache

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oh my gosh loving support character 1 


Me too! We just went all out and had fun with it, thank you :D


You character design is so cool. I agree with Eriberri that they have a lot of personality, instead of being just s sprite.

Thank you so much and I feel the same way. Our artist will be so pleased to hear it ^_^


Just a matter of personal taste, but visually I find the supporting characters more attractive then the LI's - they seem to have a lot of personality. :)

Thank you for saying so! Indeed, we definitely wanted them to have personality and not be forgettable characters. After all, they matter to the story too.