Reveal 1: Supporting Characters

Hello followers!

Our little team has been busy working on Queen of Hearts and we're excited to be able to share our next update with you. Meet Evra and Mira! While the five male love interests will remain the main focus of the story, we are working on including short side-romances with these two as well after falling in love with them ourselves ^_^

What do you think of Evra and Mira, and what do you hope or expect to see in their side-romances? 

As always, thank you guys for your support and we will be sure to share more updates as we go along!

Evra, a tough-as-nails former soldier on a mission of personal importance. Her path will cross with yours but what happens next is up to you...

Mira, a young elven servant assigned to help you settle into palace life. Sweet and naive upon first impression, she may be hiding more than she lets on.

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They look great! Can we also bff them? Can Evra teach the MC some self defence?


Thank you very much! Interesting ideas, will certainly consider it and any other feedback while developing their stories : ) 


Cool :) It isn't really necessary and just a suggestion. If it detracts too much from the planned writing (5 full love interests, maybe a king's route, 2 smaller female routes), then please don't do it.
At one point a writer has to figure out on what they want to focus and if it's all feasible.


Thanks for thinking from my position as well. That is very true. What's good is that I do have time to expand on the story while waiting for the art and other assets to be completed. On the other hand, I am also wary of letting a project get too big. I would definitely try not to include content unless I feel like it's worth adding to the game. Love hearing from you guys as we go along, though. It's nice that we might sort of co-shape the game : )

The level of detail on all the characters (and really everything) in this game is so amazing!  I'm really looking forward to playing the full version!


evra looks awesome