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An otome/dating sim set in a fairytale world, with fantasy characters as love interests! 

You play a 17-year-old girl who has just been betrothed to the king. You will travel to the palace to meet your fiance accompanied by five unusual bodyguards. Fall in love along the way and experience fun, laughter and magic ... but dare you risk it all to find your happily ever after?

Free playable demo available! 


- Around 20-30 hours of playtime, depending on your choices and reading speed

- 5 male love interests/routes, 2 female side-romances (1 good CG per route).  

Note: The Aiden route is a special route unlocked by getting good endings in the other 4 main routes.

- Over 10 choices per main route with multiple endings 

- Deep, mature storylines set in the context of a fantasy world

- An original soundtrack

- Optional: A cheat sheet to help you get good endings (Contains spoilers)

- OpenDyslexic font option (Press 'A' in-game and switch in the Accessibility menu)

Note: The prelude is voiced, however the rest of the game is NOT voiced. If the game does well, we may consider a re-release with more voiced lines and content in future. Thank you!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(44 total ratings)
AuthorTango Dream Games
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsCute, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Funny, Medieval, Otome, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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I actually quite enjoyed this game! It wasn't super long and yeah I think some more depth could be added to some things... BUT I absolutely love the characters you created and the premise of the story. Aiden's route was my favorite and I wasn't expecting what happened. Suddenly the rest of the routes and some of the interactions made sense. Overall good job. I look forward to future works 😊


Thank you for sharing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I do agree and hope in future to work on and improve the game based on everyone's feedback : )

It's really a very nice game. The story is also interesting. I really had a lot of fun in this game. I just think it's a shame that there are so few pictures in this game, and the story could do with a little more depth. All in all, it's still a great game and I'm looking forward to more games, if possibly more pictures for this game. <3


I played this demo two weeks ago and it was nice to scroll trough the site and see that the full game had been released.  I would start by saying that  the game isn't really  a 20-30 hours game. Maybe more 10h for all routes. I am also a little bit disappointed in the lack of narrations? I feel like since we only got CGs with the LIs at the end of the routes there could have been more narration/description for the important moments, especially for all the kissing scenes. 

But besides that, the routes were fun to play. It was nice to see how different things happened during each route, and I also really enjoyed how each route revealed more of the story.

To rate my routes I would say:

Thrace >> Aiden > Roxas >>> Iandir >>>>>>>>>>>> Kadan 

Spoilers thoughts/questions/feedback:

- I really wish there had been an option to go back home and not have Kadan stay. I just wasn't able to forgive what he did, especially coupled with how inappropriate he was during the prologue. I really wish there had been a way to get Aiden without going through his route.

- I also wish we ended up having a route with King Ronan. He seemed really sweet and I am sucker for arranged marriage turned into happy ending. He accepted the MC decision so graciously each time. I really wanted a happy ending there.

- For one of the Iandir bad ending (when he doesn't take the potion) Ronan says the crow means  death was that supposed to be for Iandir or Aiden?

- For the good ending with Thrace, we end up leaving with Aiden how does that work if no matter which routes we are on he's meant to die since we didn't choose him?

- I think there's a code error for the Mira route. I tried playing it and received an error.

- The walkthrough for the Roxas route is wrong for the cellar scene. It says any choice for the scene where he asks you to lock him in the cellar. But if you choose to refuse, you don't get to kiss him first, which then leads to a bad ending.

Despite all of that,  I would say for the price of the game I think what I got was satisfying. I enjoyed both the good and bad endings! :)

for the Iandir bad end, it imply very clearly Iandir got murder by a jealous centaur I think

At last, I finished the game. I don't dislike it, but cannot say I adore it either. The romance seems rush, after a small chit chat, suddenly they have a crush on each other. The atmosphere nor the feeling of Rue are not being described pretty well, such as that time when she had her first kiss, I didn't even realize what had just done if not thanks to the sound effect.  Regarding the story, I'm not sure how I feel, I understand what you tried to do there but it kinda not makes any sense at the same time, it also reminds me of a certain title from Otomate games thou I shall not mention here to avoid spoiler. And Aiden, my boi, I would have chosen him first without a heart beat if you let me, despise how much I favor him, I don't really understand his struggle. If he already made up his mind and agreed on something like that, he should have went all for it rather than think what would be best for Rue. Dude, I appreciate your concern but don't decide for me. I would rather him try his best to win her over again than seeing him back down like a coward. So my favorite shall be Aiden > Thrace > Kadan > Roxas > Iandir. I suprisingly like Thrace in his route, thou he acted all nice so sudden. Kadan and Roxas are so-so, I would like to have some comment on their route to but the review is long enough already. And Iandir, his route kinda not makes any sense.

Afterall, I do enjoy playing this, but I think it could have been much more better due to the amount of time it consumed. I know it's your first game so there are still alot to go in the future, I hope you shall continue to improve day by day and I'm looking forward to your next title.


Thank you for the honesty, I’m sure everyone’s feedback on this will help me to improve. For the moment actually, I am planning to take a creative break. While Queen of Hearts means a lot to me, it took quite a few years to work on it and I have to admit that it was always an ambitious project. It’s probably best for me to step back and think about how to do better in future for now. Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with me : )

Hi! I just bought the game, and I can't wait to play it! I was just wondering if it is possible for a published walkthrough so that i can play through the good endings first? yes, I am that type of player hehe xD  

or if i want to use the cheat sheet.. where can I find it? hehe sorry for asking so much!


Thank you, your support means a lot! 

The cheat sheet should be available for download if you bought the game. You can try going into your profile > My Library > My Purchases > Queen of Hearts. It should be listed together with the game files. 

hi! sorry if this comes of as rude I really don't mean it in any rude way but will the full game be with money?  also the demo was amazing!!! was not expecting to get attached to the characters as much as I did :D


Hello and no worries, feel free to ask questions. Yes, in order to help cover development costs, the game will be paid. As I shared with another commenter, it will likely be under $10, and I occasionally take part in sales so do look out for those. 

Thank you very much for the positive comments on the demo! It's heartening to know you and others have enjoyed it.  Would love to hear who your favorites were if you're up for sharing! Anyway, we still have a bit of work left and are doing our best to deliver a great product with the full game. I hope to hear more thoughts and feedback from you on the game in future : )


This was a wonderful demo! The artstyle is different and cute and the BG music is good. As for the story, the MC seems a bit reckless and makes some questionable choices like trying to run away in the middle of the night, into a dark forest, in front of everyone. The other characters seem fine, each with their own past and secrets. 

At the beginning, the characters seem a bit stereotypical (You've got the Arrogant A-hole, Flirty Playboy, Handsome Childhood Enemy, Sweet Innocent dude and Gaston look alike) but as the story progresses,  it seems different than the average visual novel. My favorite characters are Kadan>Thrace>Iandir>Aiden>Roxas(I just can't get over how much Roxas looks like Gaston, plus he seems to be a hunter).

I would love to play the whole game when it's released. I hope there is voice acting for the whole game coz I'm just addicted to Thrace's voice! There seems to be a lot of activity in the updates section these days so I hope the game is released soon!(No pressure tho) One question, will the whole game be released for free or available only for purchase?

Hello and thank you for sharing your honest thoughts! You know, you're right; it wasn't planned but Roxas does look like Gaston, gosh!

As I've shared with other commenters, it's unlikely that we will release with full voice acting as I had to scale down the game budget quite a bit. If the game were to do well enough, it would certainly be something I'd look into though. 

Progress is coming along well but we may still need a few more months to round things out, so I hope you will be patient enough to stick with us till then. To your question, the game will be purchase-based, though most likely no more than $10. Also, I do take part in sales from time to time : ) 


oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh new demo

(1 edit) (+2)

Haha, oh gosh, and here I was trying to be a sneaky ninja about it XD 

Mainly, I've just updated the demo to replace some placeholder content i.e. adding proper backgrounds and some supporting characters. I would like to refresh the file from time to time until there are no more placeholders and it's a proper, professional demo. I did make some script changes but on the whole, no major edits or additions story-wise : ) 


oh,dang. well at least I know you're still on it ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

oop so big error right at the start when we're about to leave the house, can't even get out of it with ignore or rollback I can't play any of the prelude

Thank you for the spot, I have fixed it in the updated files and it should be OK now!

aha! she works! thank you


Ah this was great. It certainly surprised me. The art is beautiful in a refreshing way. It's very lovely. At the beginning story setup appears to be your typical otome game, so I was like "Oh, it's gonna be like that...".  But I really liked how it unfolds itself for the player layer for layer. It's light-hearted and then dark, whimsical and then mature, humorous yet serious. Wasn't really sure what to make out of the MC, but I'm glad that she overcame the first shock and is actually given agency and a strong voice in the second chapter.

I found Kadan and Roxan to be very likeable and relatable.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Definitely when writing it, I was hoping to have it feel deeper/more layered than your standard otome game. Really glad you liked it and hope you can be patient in looking out for the full release!

I just finished the demo and it was just amazing! The art was so beautiful and the story was so charming. Of course that now I have a soft spot in my heart for Iandir, my beautiful softie of a boy,,,

Although I must say the stock BGs in the 2nd chapter kinda ruined the atmosphere a bit, but I'm sure  it'll be fixed in the future.

Overall, I really like this game and I can't wait to play more!


Before anything else, love the Connor avatar! Played the game 2 or 3 times already :) 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Definitely, we're not satisfied with the stock BGs and are working with our BG artist right now to get some new content out. Because of the level of detail involved though, it will take a while.

Nonetheless, we're very heartened by the response to the demo (despite it being rough around the edges) and hope to post more updates once ready. Please follow us and keep an eye out! We can't wait to share more with you guys : )

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Just played the demo and i have to say i really loved it!

I like all the characters so much i can't even decide who my favorite is.

Voice acting, music and art is also very amazing!

Will there be sprite's for the MC brothers? i'm really curious how they would look like!

Looking forward to the release!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much! The team put in a lot of hard work on the demo, so really appreciate the kind words.  There are no sprites for the brothers as yet, but would love to be able to do so someday, if we're able. As I shared with another commenter, development is on hiatus for the moment, but do follow us and we hope to be able to release more content a some point!

(3 edits)

so pretty :o who are the voice actors? and btw "kadan" did you play dragon age? ;) is there anywhere I can follow progress with more regular updates? :)


Thank you,  and, yes, am a huge fan of Dragon Age, so the franchise is a big inspiration. It's best to follow us here on itch.io! Development of the game is on hiatus for now, but we still hope to put out more content in future - perhaps other VNs.

Oh it's on hiatus? aw :(

I'm afraid so! : (  It's unlikely that we can develop the full game unless we get funding support, because of the costs involved. We started an Indiegogo campaign a while back, but sadly, it didn't take off. But if we somehow do get enough funding, we will definitely continue development! We really want to share the game with you guys. Again, thank you,for the kind words on the demo. We had a lot of fun making it : D

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sooo will it ever be finished do you think? :'0 it's just so pretty and promising it would be so sad if it couldn't :( perhaps you could try setting up a patreon?

Thank you, really appreciate the kind words! We don't think it will happen anytime soon, but we will pick it up again if we're able. Of course, we want to continue the project too! We did set up a campaign of sorts on kofi.com. We've not really had  great experiences with Patreon, but we'll check it out again. Perhaps we'll give it a try!

Wow, this game is unique beauty.


Wow, must play this!

I'll write my thoughts once I'm done, but I'd like to ask a question before starting, if you don't mind. Is the king an actual romance option too? In scenarios like this one, I always like it when the arranged marriage candidate ends up being the true love, despite the main character not necessarily wanting to marry them to begin with. So it would be a huge plus for me haha 

Hello! Thank you for the follow : D

Sure, would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. 

Actually, we plan to release an extended demo within the next few days, so if you are interested, you can wait a little bit for that. (But note that the new/added scenes will not be voiced, and will use placeholder backgrounds).

Is the king a romance option --> Good question! This is something we hope to do, although we have not scripted it yet, as we are focusing on the main love interests first. 

Most probably, the king's route would be released after the 5 main routes, and would be shorter than the main routes. The more support for the game we get, the better chance we have of including and fleshing out his route! 

Nice to know the king may be an option in the future! 

And sure, I can wait a couple of days for the extended demo - I don't mind it being a bit more rough and unfinished. Thank you for telling me!

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Hey there again!

So, I finally got to play the demo, and I must say I adore it!

So far, I've tried only the choices that favored Kadan - well with the exception of also trying to flee the city when I had the opportunity by the end, because that seemed quite hillarious to do at that moment - too bad the demo ends before you can see any consequences if you choose that. It's nice to see the other options lead to some more content. 

I'm not sure if I'll try the other characters before the full release - usually when I play a romance game chapter by chapter, I stick with only one character till the end, and then I switch to another route once the game is done and I did all the endings I wanted to do. 

So far I like the characters overall. I think the two I like the least are Aiden and Roxas. Aiden can be a bit irritating sometimes and Roxas... let's say I need more time to get to know him. So yeah, I still like them both, just not as much as the other members of the party. I can't say Kadan is necessarily my favorite of the three by the way - I choose him more or less at random between the three I liked the most since I don't have a favorite so far. Now, I must say I like him a lot - which is weird considering he shouldn't be exactly my type. Usually guys like him are my least favorite in games. But for some reason, I really like him - go figure. 

Now, I've seen the game will get a ton of endings - I'm curious how many are you planning per character, if you have an idea (cause well, some games feature a lot of neutral endings or game overs that count as endings, and I don't know if it's the case here)? Also, if you don't mind revealing that of course, are you planning more than one good ending per character?

I have two very small complaints too. The first one is about the intro - it was getting very awkward with no one telling Rue what the deal was about the engagement, and even more than that, about who's the man she's getting married to. But please keep in mind I don't think the intro was too long or anything - if anything, I wouldn't mind a longer intro - I like the build up. I'm only talking about the part of telling the poor girl who is the guy she'll be forced to marry, for goodness sake!  

The other one is actually about Kadan's events specifically. Well, at least I think it's specific to his route. It's about Lorelei's vaccine. I really feel like taking it should be an option, not something Rue does whether you like it or not. I don't mind if she's forced to take it in order for the player to get the good ending at the end, or even in order to progress the story past a certain point, sure. But while her purchasing it is fine, having her take it automatically right at the start felt a little weird. But that may be only me, and honestly since it's a plot device I'll accept it - I understand it may be crucial for any alternative on this route. But if it isn't absolutely necessary, may I suggest for you to consider adding the choice? Of course, if you were to add that choice, I guess you'd have to add one or two prompts later on to take it if you didn't.

On a side note, in relation to what I was asking before starting - now that I've played, I REALLY think it would be great to have a route for the king! Of course it would be shorter and with less choices and endings, but yeah, I really think it would be nice if it was possible to just reach the capital and meet him and for Rue to end up falling for him despite her initial disgust. Yep, I definitely have a soft spot for that kind of scenarios. I don't really know what do you have in store for the full adventure, but so far, it seems the easier way to implement that would be to just sit at the inns or camp or whatever at every occasion, and basically get the most uneventful journey ever haha! I guess it may work if you make it an unlockable route so people can only get the choices related to that if they did all the other routes? I mean, it would be boring if you did that on your first playthrough- but the last, why not. I usually despise routes that unlock only after doing everything else, but in this case it could work well I guess?

Also, I've seen you did an Indiegogo campaign that didn't work out. I think most VN players are more used to Kickstarter, to be honest. I support some games but I don't even have an Indiegogo acount nor do I download games there, so yeah... If it's something you can do, I'd suggest you start a Kickstarter campaign (with a smaller goal maybe) with your next update, and advertise it in the news post. Also on top of the game page.

Anyway, that being said, I really enjoyed the demo and I can't wait for new content! Good job and good luck!

Thanks for the taking the time to share your thoughts with me :D I'm really glad that you liked it, and I can understand about favoring 1 character more than others, for sure.

I will definitely think about your comments, especially about a route for King Ronan : )

Yup, we actually had a Kickstarter campaign all ready to go, but I only realized later that if the creator is outside of the US (which I am), they need a US partner with a US address etc etc for the project go forward. 

I am sure it is in the interest of protecting backers, but I do feel like that was a big blow to us. That's why we switched to Indiegogo, but I already knew we were at a disadvantage. 

Anyway, you may have seen that we have put up a profile on Kofi, where you can still donate money to the campaign, but there's no time limit: https://ko-fi.com/tangodreamgames The nice thing about it is you can contribute a small amount (the price of a coffee). 

If the project ever gets funded, we will proceed. If not, well, I very much enjoyed making the demo and receiving everyone's reactions here nonetheless! Thanks again :D

I love so much about this game - the art, the characters, the world- and I would love to see it succeed! I would recommend posting on Tumblr and the Lemmsoft Forums, or even Twitter or r/otomegames? I understand that it can be very time-consuming but I think you could get all the publicity you can :) 


Thank you, we enjoyed making the demo too! I haven't posted on LemmaSoft and Reddit yet, so I will definitely try that! : D

Anybody who wants to help share the campaign, you can use this link: https://igg.me/at/queenofheartsgame/x/15139804

Normally I wouldn't play otome games, was sent here by a friend, so if some of my comments don't make sense because the game works as it should as an otome game, I apologise beforehand!

Firstly, loving the graphics, the backgrounds and the character art look like a storybook and has its own charm. I don't know whether this criticism is fair though, but sometimes I feel like the special images (when an event happens) are very pretty but the characters look... too different in them? I think it might be an effect of staring at the 6 characters in the same pose all the time, so when the event-image appears it feels like the faces don't look like the same character anymore. It's about consistency of the character art I think? It's not a major issue, but something to think about if you get funded. :)

The voice-acting is also great, it feels more high-quality than I had expected and the (authentic-sounding) accents make it easier to pick up from any country (it's not too americanised or too british or too european, nice mix of all). Some nit-picking about the voice-acting: I think the previous comment is correct, there's a mislabelling of the voice volume as the sound volume (which meant I went through all of the "Breakfast" scene and quite a bit of the guys talking without any voices at all before I realised there must be some voice-acting I'm missing out on). Another thing is that I feel like Thrace's voice often comes a little later than I would have expected, so it throws off the realistic timing of the dialogue. Like the words come on the screen but there's a perceptible pause before his voice-acting starts. I think it might have to do with the drawl of the voice-actor, and maybe to emphasise his arrogance, but it throws off the realism for me. I don't have a similar issue with any of the other voices. Lastly, I feel like Aiden's voice volume sometimes goes very soft, maybe it's intentional because he does like to mutter, but this means I have to keep the volume louder than I would have liked in order to hear everyone's voices. For example, Roxas, Thrace and Kadan generally would be louder than I would have liked, in order for me to catch all of Aiden's dialogue.

Another nit-pick - its not easy to figure out who was who in the beginning, because there was no indication who was talking. So it took me ages to figure out which one was Thrace (it looked like Kadan had one wing so I kept thinking that Kadan was Thrace), and then I thought Roxas was Kadan when Kadan started to speak. The issue disappears after the original set of background dialogue, but it's definitely confusing at first. Maybe... flash an image of the specific guy when he first talks? It can be like one of those event-images.

There are some comments below about the inconsequential choices that the MC makes, and whether it makes sense to have them. Again, I don't play otome games often, but I quite like the ones that were given and kind of wish there was more. I think, even though I know they don't make any difference in terms of the whole plot, but being able to inject what I think the MC should be saying (for example, if I think she should be flippant, or sarcastic, or concerned) or choosing whether to be a more spirited escaping-all-the-time or docile-resigned-to-her-fate MC, makes me feel more connected to the story, even though it doesn't lead to a different outcome in the plot. I would like more of those, if that makes sense. 

Other nit-picks: White text on very light grey background for the "Help" and "About" screens in the very beginning makes it very hard to read! I don't know whether that's because I'm using a Mac. On dark mode. 

There's one line in the dialogue that has a typo in the subtitles: 

Roxas: “Careful now. Iandir and his kind tend to have a certain effect on people. You may not want *him* to stare at him *for* too long.” I think the first *him* should not be there and I think the second *for* is supposed to be there (or not, I can't remember now).

So far, my favourite is either Kadan or Roxas. I really like Aiden's voice as well. Feel like thwacking Thrace (though his little moment with the "boot" was hilarious) and am a bit ambivalent about Iandir lol. Looking forward to the rest of the game, and will definitely support when it goes on Indiegogo (is it up already)? Maybe you should have some physical event in Singapore as part of the rewards on Indiegogo haha I will come... :P

I just missed the Indiegogo link when I clicked to comment! Have since seen it and supported it (at highest tier!). Haha I still think you should put like a much more expensive tier with some physical event (like have a tour of the studio, meet the voice actor) type reward. 50USD is quite cheap for the highest tier for games hahaha.

Hello! Whoever your friend is, please thank them for me! :D

Wow, thank you for taking the time with all this feedback.

I believe you're talking about the CGs (the special scenes)? Sure, that's something we can share with the character/CG artist, although on the whole, I do think she did an excellent job!

Voice acting - Glad that you liked it. We will have someone to help us fix the voice levels if we are funded, and also the timing - you're saying there's a bit of a lag sometimes, so we'll work on that too.

Figuring out who's talking - Yup, I know what you mean. We're thinking that perhaps we would change the pose of whoever's talking more obviously (so, not just a face change, but a body language change). I think that would help a great deal.

Inconsequential choices - Absolutely! I hope to add more in the Prelude, if we are funded ; )

Text colors - I'll have to check that, it's probably to do with the software settings.

Typo - Oh, gosh! Thank you for telling me, I'll check it soon!

Yes, we are already up on Indiegogo! Please share and support us: https://igg.me/at/queenofheartsgame/x/15139804

You're in Singapore too? Nice! If we have enough local backers and we're successful, sure! Sounds like fun :D

Haha I think you guys work with my friend. She said you're her "new writer". ??

Dont get me wrong, the CGs are really pretty! It's just consistency of the character design, but it's really a small point. :)

I prefer your solution rather than mine for the identifying who is talking lol.

Supported the Indiegogo! And shared it on my Facebook, though not sure how much exposure that would get. :)

Ah, yes, I've thanked her! ^_^

Thanks for sharing, really appreciate it!


Just played the updated demo.  I really liked the additional choices, I think they added a lot to the game.  I do think there's an error, I think that the volume that controls the voices is marked as "sound volume" in the preferences screen (and vice versa).  I also think that the intro is a bit too abbreviated (I know you did that in response to another commenter who said it was too long) but I don't think the MC ever asks her dad about the trunks in the new version, so I think that some conversation between just the two of them (maybe not the whole thing from before, but something) would be helpful.  I think that cutting that out we miss out on most of the relationship between the MC and her family-we don't really get to see it play out at breakfast, it's all her little brothers interrupting, so I thought that the interaction between just the MC and her dad had a purpose (sorry for not saying so sooner).

That was quick, thanks for playing the updated version as well :D 

I'm glad having a few more choices helps, and if we're funded, we'll work on improving the Prelude further. 

Indeed, we're trying to find a nice balance, so we'll have another look and try to find a good middle ground between family interaction and being introduced to the love interests within a reasonable amount of time!  

I loved the demo, if I was not broke for a unforeseen amount of time I would be pledging right now.

Awesome, thanks for rating : ) That's OK, you can always help out by sharing our game with others. Every bit of support counts!


Ok so, normally I only comment if I have serious issues with things in the game, however, I have to make another exception. Aside from the beginning, I have to complain about the beginning because I have a HUGE issue with the constant dodging and "What's happening?" and 10 minutes of just trying to be mysterious and keeping the mc in the dark and back and forth nonsense is a little ridiculous. The dad said they'd talk about it when she came down for dinner, so fricken talk about it stop trying to be dodgy already. It's unnecessary and takes away from the story. Sorry.

Aside from that, I loved it. There is something going on, Idk what but I'd like to find out. The art is pretty nice, the characters are pretty interesting, I love world building so I'm very interested in the world you've set up here and figuring it all out.

About the voice acting, I have to put here that I absolutely disagree. I mean I love ALL the voices, Thrace and Iandir in particular, they had such calming, soft voices. They all seemed to fit, I mean I suppose Thrace's voice being calming probably not but with his sass it is really fitting. Iandir does seem less emotional but it worked because he's just a very gentle and laid back sort of character so his lack of emotion seemed to just go with his ability to sort of shrug off whatever was going on. I normally don't favor those types of characters but Iandir was super endearing and I immediately adored him.

Though Kadan's voice didn't really surprise me at first, the personality did a little, just hearing him say some of those things was like "oh he's one of those!" and it did sound a little funny but I'm not entirely sure why? It didn't take away from the story at all.

I also wish there were more choices as well, it was a little disappointing. It's hard to really critique that part without having access to a full game but there does seem a pretty long stretch with just no options. Even minor things with just different dialogue or the option to skip introductions entirely could've been a nice touch. I also agree that a few cosmetic options would be much appreciated but I understand that it might not be possible because if you offer cosmetic options and then they don't appear in CGs people could also complain about that so it's a whole thing.

In all I found this very entertaining and I look forward to supporting this project!


Well, I can see you have strong feelings about the "What's happening?" bit ^_^ 

We wanted to do a bit of a build-up to the news, lest it came off abrupt. But I think we can and should cut that portion down so that players are introduced to the love interests faster : ) 

You mentioned something about skipping introductions - did you mean to the family, or the LIs, or both? There is a skip button, but if you had another thought/suggestion, I would love to hear it.

We definitely plan to add a few more choices, since that's been a common comment from everyone. We are working on it, and aim to put up an updated demo together with the Indiegogo campaign, soon.

I am glad you liked the voices! We love them too, although if we did have an opportunity to revoice any character, we might do so for Iandir. The rest, we think fit very well.

Thank you for expressing your support! And for sharing your feedback with me!

Lol I do tend to. It's frustrating and it happens in soooo many games that it need to be strongly felt about so maybe it will stop! There's gotta be a better, less frustrating way to build up to it. At there very least there can be some answers. Like her father could still tell her she's getting married and tell her he won't tell her to whom and she'll have to find out or whatever. Give her something, as it is it's just unnecessarily dragged out for literally no reason. It's not engaging, it doesn't make me want to know it makes me want to walk away. If I had, it'd have been a shame. Not mention that I'm a very curious person so if I'm ready to walk away, I'm certain someone else has probably given up. There's so much potential here too and the story and art are so good it would all be a waste for someone to give up just because the beginning is a little rough.

Anyways I know there is a skip in general but I meant in the story? Because there is no options there obviously the introductions of the characters has little meaning aside from informing the audience and the MC about who they are and such, I think it's common for games to have an option where the MC just literally doesn't care as a way to just skip having to skip through things? If that makes sense? A choice similar to the cosmetic choices just for like multiple playthroughs? Or the choice to entirely skip the first chapter? just for multiple playthroughs but also for just more options and impatient people. 

Obviously you wouldn't skip the first chapter in the demo but I was just throwing it out there for future reference. xD

I'd do sincerely hope Iandir doesn't get revoiced but I still look forward to the end result and hope this is quickly funded!

Hi again! 

I believe the update demo has reduced this, and if we are funded, I will likely do a bit of rewriting of the Prelude as well.

To your question - I'm sure we can include a skip in the full game. That's a good idea (since a lot of you would have played the Prelude, I imagine, and wouldn't want to go through it again).

I hope we get funded too! We're doing as much as we can to get the word out : D

I did play through it and I love it! It's definitely much better and the options are much appreciated! I have no criticism to add just a ton of love! =3

I'm glad, thank you for the love! :D 


Just got done playing through this, and was a little disappointed by the lack of choices up til the end of the demo. Even just a few "cosmetic" choices placed here and there can help make it feel like the player is playing rather than just reading a story. That said, I /did/ enjoy the demo and what little we got to see of the story! The character interactions were very entertaining  and the group plays off of each other very well.

Out of the LIs I think Thrace and Kadan wound up being my favorites. I'm also interested in learning more about Roxas. Aiden... I wanted to punch in the face. This isn't to say that he's a bad character. He's just not the type of person I personally would ever get along with. Iandir... was bizarre. Although I think that might have more to do with how blase he was about being /owned/ and used for transportation. Cultural shock on my part, lol!

I see you were asking after the voice acting below in another comment, so I'll put my thoughts down on that too. The voice acting threw me for a loop in the beginning. I didn't realize it was voice acted until the Dad's lines started playing. His acting was pretty good.  Aiden, Thrace, and Roxas all have voices that fit their character sprites, and were pretty good as well. Kadan's voice was not what I was expecting at all, but after the intial surprise it seemed to fit by the end. I think that was more influenced by the type of voice that usually gets assigned to characters with similar designs from other games I've played. So I will say he passes with the others. Maybe a bit more inflection in his voice? As I said, I did wind up liking it by the end of the demo.  Iandir's seems to lack... something. I'm not sure what. I feel like maybe in trying to make him sound like a very calm and friendly sort, too much emotion is being left out??? I definitely think there needs to be more inflection. 

My only other critique, I think, is sometimes the voices seemed to play at different volumes. There were also a few times the voices got low on purpose, as part of the acting, but it made it harder to hear them. I had the music volume pretty low and everything else left at 100%. I was also not wearing headphones, so it might not be as noticeable if I had been. Still something to look at, I feel.

So my final thoughts: looking forward to seeing this funded and finished! I will try to chip in what I can when the campaign goes up as I enjoyed the demo quite a bit.  I hope I didn't come off as harsh, because all I want to do is offer helpful criticism. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Thank you for taking the time to post such a thoughtful comment! I do not think it was harsh at all. On the contrary, this is really helpful  : ) 

To your comments:

Cosmetic choices - Interesting, I didn't expect players would want many of these, because they can seem "superficial". But seeing as I had another commenter bring this up, we will definitely look into adding more choices to the Prelude. 

Really glad you enjoyed the demo and like the characters! The characters' routes (especially Aiden's) will give a lot more insight into why they are the way they are, and of course, show another side to them. 

Iandir - I can see why you might think that. Perhaps I should have made it clearer in the demo, but centaurs have been bred to be companions to humans ... to the point of docility. His route would involve him learning to overcome that.

Voice Acting - Oddly enough, the voice for Iandir was the most difficult to hire.  I do think we can work on improving the voice work/getting more inflection if we are funded, or possibly even re-voice, if necessary. But I did appreciate that his voice has something warm and friendly to it - which matters for the character.

Volumes - Yes, definitely something we plan to work on. For the demo, I worked on the sounds myself, but if we're funded, we plan to work with a sound engineer (we already have someone in mind). I'm sure that will make the sounds more balanced/

I appreciate the support! The Indiegogo campaign should be out this week, fingers crossed that we are successful :D 

In the meantime, if you know anyone else who might like the game, do share it with them! Thank you!

So just my (possibly already stated) two cents, but I actually have no problem with non-stat choices.  Again, it makes the game more interactive (there's nothing wrong with reading, but if I wanted to read I'd just get a book).

Hey! Would love to play the demo but when I go to install it only the mac version is available. :)

Hi there! Happy that you're interested in our humble game : D 

I've updated our game page. Would you try see if you can view and download the PC version now?

If there's still problems, you can also download the game off our website https://www.tangodreamgames.com/queen-of-hearts

(Scroll right to the bottom)

Thanks for the super speedy response! :D It all works now. <3 

No problem : ) Hope you enjoy the demo, please share your thoughts and rate after playing!

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I just finished the demo and I have to say I LOVE this demo! The LI's banter alone with each other had me laughing. I can tell that lots of time, love and care went into this demo! The demo wasn't too short or too long and gave away enough to keep me guessing about certain things! I hope you guys reach your goal and are able to see your project come to life because I haven't really enjoyed a demo like this in a long time. 

Edit: I do have one issue, mainly that in the beginning when the cast of LI's were speaking. It was hard to tell who was speaking because the mouth opening sizes varied a lot! Some of the differences are small and I got confused for a bit.

(1 edit)

That's awesome! Definitely, and we as a team enjoyed making it too. And thank you for the rating :D

I see what you mean about the mouth opening sizes - if we're funded, I think we can look into improving that. Do share the demo with anyone else who might like it! We will keep everyone posted, we'll be on Indiegogo soon!

The art looks like it came directly from a story book! Great job!

Thanks, that's the kind of feel we wanted :D

Hi, I just found out about this gem today and decided to try out the demo even though the art is not really my style but absolutely looks decent. And surprisingly, I LOVE IT! I didn't expect much but it was fun. The chemistry between characters was great and natural, and hilarious af, every single one of them was stand out and unique by their own way, made the romance options more interesting than ever. xD And for the MC, I love her,  and the way she deals with things, well, at least in the demo, she was in a weird group and she hanged out with them just fine. The BG is absolutely gorgeous, really give out the fantasy and medieval vibe. And the voice acting, to be honest, not good, but I'm surprised that you guys recorded every sentences, like, seriously, all of them, and I thought that it was really awesome, not many people willing to do it just for the demo, thank you. So overall? I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT *important thing needs to repeat 3 times xD* I can't wait to play this game in the future, so I hope the donation will go well, but I wonder why did you guys choose Indiegogo over Kickstater? Well, because I see many projects in this genre usually are uploaded on Kickstater more, this is the first time I heard of Indiegogo to be honest. xD  

Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it! If you can help share it with others in any way, it would be a big help! 

Voice Acting - Tell me more about why you felt the voice acting was 'not good', perhaps it's something we can work on if we're funded. I think voice acting really helps a visual novel's characters come to life, but being able to voice the full game will really depend on if we can raise enough funds.

Kickstarter vs Indiegogo - Actually, our plan all along was to put this game up on Kickstarter, and we even have a draft project there and everything. But we are based in Singapore, and Kickstarter requires project creators to have a US partner in order to put their project up : (

It's really a shame, because I do think Kickstarter would be more suitable for this project, but we do not have someone in the US to partner with us. As far as I know, Indiegogo does not have this requirement.

Anyway, I have to add again how much your comment made my day. We have put in a lot of effort into this demo, and even though it's a labor of love, it's great to know people out there appreciate it. So thank you for the kind words (and repeating 3x XD)

Ah, you're right, I totally forgot about that, both Kickstarter and Patreon are only available to individuals in the US, what a shame.

Yes! I will absolutely let the others know! I want to play this game!!!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean that it's not good, but more accurately, it didn't impress me since I've experienced games with voice acting that's way good than it, but those games, on the other hand, were invested more so it's understandable. If you want to go in detail, I think the guy that voiced Aiden did a good job in expressing different emotion, the same can go with Thrace and his Britain accent did make him more... full of himself? xD Roxas has a sexy voice, the rest are just so-so I guess.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention that I think the scene change was too sudden, I mean one second ago, it was morning and I was out on the road, then BAM! it was dark and we were camping. xD It was kinda abrupt, in my opinion, maybe you can add an animation that the sky color changes from light to dark? xD  Well, it's just me though.

Anyway, thanks for your reply, that was fast. I guess it's late in Singapore so I hope you get a good night sleep. ;) Your game is amazing. <3


Gotcha, thanks for elaborating, and I'll look into your feedback. Oh and loved your thoughts on each love interest : )

I like the overall premise and the LIs seem interesting (I'm a bit undecided on how I feel about the MC at the moment), but I'm just wondering how many choices there will be in the game.  I played through the demo (I think it took me about an hour) and the only choice came at the end, and it was where to go, not how to react to a situation/character.  I watched the previews in the post and there was only one choice in those (granted that could just be based on what's written/coded currently).  

Do you have an estimate of how many choices there will be in a particular route/chapter and will they be more generic like the one in the demo or more specific like the one in the Thrace preview?

That's right, after the demo, you/MC will be able to start making choices based on who you want to romance and how you want to interact with them. To your question, I've checked the script, and the number of choices in the full game ranges from 10 (Thrace) up to 15 (Iandir).  The choices will be more specific, like what you have seen in the previews : ) There will be 1 good ending and a few bad endings per love interest too, depending on the choices you make.

Estimated gameplay time of the full game should be around 20-30 hours, depending on how one plays and how fast they read. 

Thank you so much for asking this, by the way - I will put up all this information on the project page for anyone else who's interested!

I liked the vibrant colors and dream-like quality of the backgrounds and sprites. It's all very pretty, and the character designs are interesting  and so varied.

We don't really get a lot of time to get to know the characters

 I kinda agreed with the MC that Aiden needs a smack.

I'm curious to see where you'll go with this, and will be keeping an eye on your progress. Good luck!

I liked the vibrant colors and dream-like quality of the backgrounds and sprites. It's all very pretty, and the character designs are interesting  and so varied.

We don't really get a lot of time to get to know the characters, but so far my favorite is the centaur, Iandir (I had to check what his name was again). He was the nicest of the bunch. And I kinda agreed with the MC that Aiden needs a smack.

I'm curious to see where you'll go with this, and will be keeping an eye on your progress. Good luck!

Thank you for playing and taking the time to comment! I'm glad you liked it - heartening after the amount of effort our team has put in. And I had a good laugh at your comment about Aiden XD Well, if all goes well, we should be hitting Indiegogo by Valentine's Day, I'll update everyone here, of course. The community here is awesome. Thank you again : )