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"You're in an otome."

"A what-ta-me?"

You play a young high school student who plays one of these romantic visual novels for the first time...only to have the three love interests come to life! 

How will Dane, Caspian and Joel deal with the real world now that they're out? And how will you deal with them turning your life upside down even as they try to win your heart?

Play the FREE Demo and follow us to catch the release of the full game (expected mid-2020).


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If this game completed will this be not free anymore?

Hello! Yes, the full game will be priced though it's expected to be under USD10 as it's a relatively short otome game 🙂

Will there be a gay option?

Hello! I'm afraid we currently don't have plans to make the best friend romanceable. We may consider adding that option if there is enough support for it, as doing so may push our planned release date slightly.

So overall I liked the demo and am interested in the full game.

I really liked the option to name the best friend (and would love to see an option to name the cat ^_^)

The I didn't part about the MC not knowing/understanding video games.  I think that most people who play this are going to know otomes and visual novels so having an MC who can't even pronounce the genre to me makes her come off as unnecessarily stupid/naive.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! It's really just meant to be a short, fun title - one we should be able to release well before Queen of Hearts and hopefully help contribute to its development.

Regarding the MC, it's a reaction I've gotten  from friends who have no idea what an otome is. Not mispronouncing it per se, but just being puzzled by the name and joking around. Anyway, it's just a silly moment, but certainly, I'm looking out for everyone's feedback to the demo to see how we might tweak things with the full release.

Thank you for being the first to share your thoughts, really appreciate it!


I'm a little confused. Doesn't this studio have another game coming out in 2021? Why does this game have such a short turn around when another one is still incomplete?


Hi Catastrofica! I can understand the confusion.

To explain, My Otome Life is a much smaller project which is why the release is expected to be earlier.  Queen of Hearts has a larger script, more love interests/routes and as you have probably noticed, the artwork is more detailed (thus will take longer). Sadly, Queen of Hearts' crowdsourcing campaign didn't take off on Indiegogo as well, which is why development has slowed down. However, My Otome Life is entirely self-funded!

We love visual novels and hope to keep making more, so we can share them with you guys who love playing them as much as we do! 


Ah, that makes sense. Maybe this game will be able to generate more funds towards your other project. Best of luck, and I look forward to this one when it is complete.

We hope it will help too, thank you for the kind words!