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Woo!  I found another one of your VNs.  ^-^  This one had a different feel from the others...  But still good nonetheless.  I have to say this though...  Every crime prediction I had for 4/5 people (since Naima isn't really there for that reason)...  I got wrong.  My guess for Naima was wrong as well lol.

I think I set their crimes WAY too high...  I thought Izzy was in the mafia and Luis was running a Ponzi Scheme...  While Ruby was an art thief.  Sigh.  And yes, I do realize that those are serious crimes...  But it was rather funny how off I was.

Regardless, this was worth a play.  There are definitely lessons in here and the MC is not a mute (as in those characters that just stand there and do nothing) that just waits for things to happen (thank goodness!)  Other characters all got their own thing going and you do feel bad for them...  As well as seeing how they cope and their actions that follow.

Once more, everything was enjoyable...  I did like some things I found in the background too...  Those pictures of that cat and that drinking (station?) was glowing!

Let's face it, my favorite things were Kenji's/MC's CG (heh heh) and the werewolf books!!!  I super agree.  *nod nod*

I truly don't have a character that stood out the most to me this time, only because I feel like the MC came to each one of them via different timelines and helped them out...  As they helped her.  So I guess in that sense...  They all shine in their own way.  Mysteries of what they all did were good too.  Makes you want to keep reading.

Thank you once more and as per usual...  I'll be around.~ ^.^


Thank you for playing this one as well! And your 2nd paragraph made me laugh ^_^

That's good to hear - I certainly didn't want the characters' stories to be predictable. Super glad you enjoyed it!

A really nice game that I don't regret bying ^^ although the voice volume did confuse me in the settings as there is no voice lines in the game, but nonetheless, it's a nice game to spend few hours at the evening like it's a light romance book 

That's the feel I was going for, thank you for the kind words ^_^

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Hi there, and thank you for the interest! The full script's word count is about 52,600, assuming a full playthrough of all love interests and including all choices/outcomes.


This game is so cute and fun!! I really liked learning about each character, they are all so different and unique. I'd say I liked Kenji's route the most, he's so sweet, but Luis was a close second. The only downside was that I kind of needed the guide to get me through, some of the choices were more specific than I'd expected. But overall, amazing job, great game! Do recommend. 

Thank you for the kind words, it's very encouraging after all the work we put in! Yes, I myself tend to rely on guides so I felt it best to provide one, and I'm glad it helped.

P.S. Based on your username, I take it you are a fellow Dragon Age fan! Ah, reminds me of the pain of the Solavellan romance...


Haha yes I am, I love DA!! I basically live in Solavellan hell =P So I look for games like this to lift my spirits!


oh my gosh the art is so pretty

Thank you! The artist is very talented indeed :D