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May I ask the word count?

This seems interesting but I wanted to estimate how long one playthrough for me since I'm a fast reader.

Hi there, and thank you for the interest! The full script's word count is about 52,600, assuming a full playthrough of all love interests and including all choices/outcomes.


This game is so cute and fun!! I really liked learning about each character, they are all so different and unique. I'd say I liked Kenji's route the most, he's so sweet, but Luis was a close second. The only downside was that I kind of needed the guide to get me through, some of the choices were more specific than I'd expected. But overall, amazing job, great game! Do recommend. 

Thank you for the kind words, it's very encouraging after all the work we put in! Yes, I myself tend to rely on guides so I felt it best to provide one, and I'm glad it helped.

P.S. Based on your username, I take it you are a fellow Dragon Age fan! Ah, reminds me of the pain of the Solavellan romance...


Haha yes I am, I love DA!! I basically live in Solavellan hell =P So I look for games like this to lift my spirits!


oh my gosh the art is so pretty

Thank you! The artist is very talented indeed :D