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Welcome, "Volunteer"! Today's the first day of your court-mandated community service at our humble soup kitchen. Whatever you've done to end up here doesn't matter so much as having the right attitude moving forward. That's what we believe.

We hope you're excited to work hard and be part of something meaningful. Here, you'll meet a bunch of misfits - some are 'serving time' just like you, others have very different reasons for being here, but all have their own stories to tell. Be sure to learn from them and help each other out on your shared journey of kindness and goodwill. Don't forget to pick up your welcome pack (Haha, just kidding! There's no welcome pack...)

OK, but seriously, work romances, while not expressly forbidden, are discouraged because things often turn out messy. Don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Around 5-10 hours of gameplay, depending on your reading speed etc.
  • 5 romanceable character routes (3 male, 2 female)
  • Sweet, romantic storylines (No explicit sexual scenes, some profanity)
  • Player choices that may affect endings
  • 1 good & 1 bad/neutral ending per character
  • 1 CG per good ending
  • Original music/soundtrack
  • OpenDyslexic font available (Press 'A' in-game and switch in the Accessibility menu)
  • Optional: Cheat sheet available for those who purchase the game

If you face any problems, do let me know and will try my best to help. Thank you very much for supporting us and hope you enjoy playing!


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this Visual Novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CommunityService-1.0-pc.zip 179 MB
CommunityService-1.0-mac.zip 145 MB
Community Service Official Cheat Sheet.pdf 118 kB


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May I ask the word count?

This seems interesting but I wanted to estimate how long one playthrough for me since I'm a fast reader.

Hi there, and thank you for the interest! The full script's word count is about 52,600, assuming a full playthrough of all love interests and including all choices/outcomes.


This game is so cute and fun!! I really liked learning about each character, they are all so different and unique. I'd say I liked Kenji's route the most, he's so sweet, but Luis was a close second. The only downside was that I kind of needed the guide to get me through, some of the choices were more specific than I'd expected. But overall, amazing job, great game! Do recommend. 

Thank you for the kind words, it's very encouraging after all the work we put in! Yes, I myself tend to rely on guides so I felt it best to provide one, and I'm glad it helped.

P.S. Based on your username, I take it you are a fellow Dragon Age fan! Ah, reminds me of the pain of the Solavellan romance...


Haha yes I am, I love DA!! I basically live in Solavellan hell =P So I look for games like this to lift my spirits!


oh my gosh the art is so pretty

Thank you! The artist is very talented indeed :D